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Why Spend a Semester in Yeshiva Berlin?

Dear Rabbi,

I’m an undergrad at a private college, doing really well and working hard to get into graduate school. I’m also very active with Chabad on campus. My Chabad rabbi has been bugging me to take off one semester to study in a yeshiva “some time before graduate school.” It’s still not clear to me what this yeshiva place is all about, and definitely not clear why I should take off in the middle of my studies to go there.

I really like this rabbi, I guess I’m just not getting it. Can you clarify some of this?

—A Student

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The "Messechta Shabbes"- class on an Eruw Trip in Center of Charlottenburg, Berlin

Where were you?! Join us:



We are the Yeshiva Berlin, the Yeshiva in Berlin, official Yeshiva Berlin, visist the Yeshiva Berlin

The Yeshiva visits the place where the Lubawitscher Rebbe, used to live, while studying in Berlin, before the Nazi regime.


Trip to the Rebbes appartement in Berlin


We are the Yeshiva Berlin, the Yeshiva in Berlin, official Yeshiva Berlin, visist the Yeshiva Berlin


We are the Yeshiva Berlin, the Yeshiva in Berlin, official Yeshiva Berlin, visist the Yeshiva Berlin

Yeshiva Gedola Berlin visits Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschütz

Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschütz

Rabbi Yehonosson (Jonathan) was born in Cracow (Poland) in the year 5450 (1690). 

His father, Rabbi Nosson Nota, was Rabbi in Eibenschitz (Moravia), where he died,  ​leaving Jonathan a young orphan. A wealthy Jew in Vienna took the young lad under his wing. However, the widow feared that the boy might be distracted from his Torah studies in his new surroundings. She took him back with her to Prossnitz, where she came to live. There, Jonathan studied Torah in the Yeshiva of the Gaon Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt, author of Panim Meiroth. Soon also his mother died, and Jonathan found a foster-home with Rabbi YitzchakSchapiro, chief rabbi of Prague and Bohemia. When he became of marriageable age, Rabbi Jonathan married the chief rabbi's daughter.

For several years, Rabbi Jonathan lived in his father-in-law's house and concentrated on his studies quietly and peacefully. He became known as a brilliant Talmudic scholar.

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The president of the Touro College pays a visit to the Yeshiva Gedola Berlin

On 27th of Adar the Yeshiva Gedola of Berlin was honored by a visit of the Touro College president - Dr Alan Kadish. After a short tour around the Yeshiva and the actual Chabad Center, Dr Kadish set down for a meeting with Rabbi Uri Gamson (the head of the Yeshiva Gedola) and Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal (the head of the Chabad Center). The meeting was about a special partnership program of the Yeshiva Gedola Berlin and Touro College that is to be launched in the beginning of the upcoming academic year.



A special article for Tu BiShvat

A student in Yeshiva Gedola Berlin published an article for Tu BiShvat in Judische Allgemeine newspaper.



A graduate of the Yeshiva Gedola Berlin allocated as a rabbi of Hamburg

In 1999 a young man named Shlomo Bistritzky graduated the Yeshiva Gedola of Berlin with a rabbinical diploma. He was part of the first group of students that came to Berlin to study Jewish law and be ordained as rabbis. In 2003 R. Shlomo Bistritzky was ordained by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Bakshi Doron, as a special rabbi to be active in Jewish diaspora. The same year him and his wife came to Hamburg to support the local Jewish community as the Shluchim (emissaries) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.



Shabbaton in Nurnberg

All the members of the Jewish community of Nurnberg certainly have noticed that a Shabbat Parashat Vaera was different than any other Shabbat they’ve recently had. It is because on that Shabes the community hosted a Shabbaton of the Yeshiva Gedola of Berlin together with the Yeshiva Gedola of Frankfurt-am-Mein.



The Great Chanukah Winter Shabbaton

London, Vilnius, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Munich – here are names of only a few of the cities, where students came from to participate in a wonderful Shabbaton that was arranged by the Yeshiva Gedola of Berlin on the Shabbat of Chanukah.


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